How many disposable vape brand do you remember? Just Puff bar, HQD Bar or Geek Bar? Today, we are going to introducing a new disposable vape brand IVG Bar.
Instant Use: ready to use instantly right out the box.
2ml Award Winning E Liquids: Preloaded with award winning e liquids.
TPD Compliant: all e liquids are TPD compliant and have been tested thoroughly.
500 Mah Battery: pre-charged 500mah battery.
Nic Salts: 2% Salt Nicotine for a smoother inhalation.

Buying IVG Bar Is Worth Your Money?
So, the answer is yes.
IVG Bar is an Easy To Use Disposable Pod Device, and comes in 16 unique flavours.

Learn more information about the IVG Bar Disposable Pod Device, please visit or comment below.
Our vape experts will reply as soon as possible.
Any vape questions or comments are welcomed.
Have a greate day with the IVG Bar Disposable Pod Device.

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