Dab Pen vs Weed – Seby G

Regarding the effects, the author favored weed for its relaxing high and entourage effect. They found that dab pens produced a quick, intense high that did not last long, requiring repeated hits to maintain the high.

Discretion was another factor discussed in the video. The author noted that dab pens were more discreet due to the lack of a strong smell and the vapor produced dissipating quickly. However, weed had a strong odor that could linger and be difficult to conceal.

Longevity was also considered in the video, with the author concluding that dab pens were more cost-effective than weed. A one-gram pod could last over a week, while an eighth of flower typically lasted only a few days. This makes dab pens more economical in the long run.

Ease of use was another point of comparison in the video. The author stated that dab pens were easier to use than weed, as all you need to do is attach the pod or cartridge to the battery. In contrast, preparing weed requires grinding it up and rolling it in a paper or packing it in a pipe.

Overall, while the author preferred weed for its effects, they acknowledged that dab pens were more convenient and cost-effective. As a third-party reviewer, I agree with the author’s assessment that dab pens are an excellent choice for those seeking discretion and affordability. However, for those who prioritize the natural and relaxing high of weed, it remains the go-to choice.

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