Are you looking for a powerfull disposable vape device? If so, please have a glance at Flavbar V2. Here we go. Innovation upgrading flavbar v2 pod device delivers powerful and delicious all-day vape with its 5% nicotine salt e-liquid in various tasty flavors. It contains 2.8ml nic salt and delivers an outstanding 1000 puffs in a convenient auto draw 650amh easy to use. This puts the flavbar v2 at the top of field when it comes to longevity and puff count, sure to satisfy both beginners and vaping veterans alike. upgrade your vaping experience with the flavbar v2.


  • 5% nicotine salt
  • 2.8ml nic salt
  • 1000 puffs
  • 650amh battery capacity
  • auto draw
  • easy to use.

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