Puff Bar vs JUUL, which one is better? It’s hard to give a short answer, because there are many people use these two pod systems. And also have to avoid teen use it. Read on this article: Vaping 101: Is Puff Bar safer than Juul.

puff bar is it safe

In some cases, overusing a puff bar may cause overheating, and it maybe does blow up or explode. It gives out an unappealing taste, which you must avoid. Take note that a puff bar is a disposable vaping device. So, if you feel that it overheats and exudes an acrid taste, you can immediately throw it away.

Is Puff Bar safer than Juul?

Mimicking the popular e-cigarette JUUL, disposable Puff Bars are a type of vape that contain high levels of nicotine. Some friends told us that Puff Bars Take Over Juul Market & It’s Not Good News. But other don’t think so.

Delivering massive amounts of nicotine and not yet approved by the FDA, the Puff Bar hardly seems like a safe alternative to Juuls. Moreover, journalistic investigations have discovered that Puff Bar has shady origins, and it is as yet unclear who is behind the product.

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