Are HQD disposable vapes illegal in Australia? Or what is the current status of HQD Vapes? Read on find out the answer about HQD vape in Australia topic.

Due to the HQD disposable vape contain nicotine, you can’t wholesale it or buy it bulk from your vape shops. If it has nicotine in it then u can NOT sell them in Australia. Here is the news from ABC:

Under the prohibition, the import of vaporiser nicotine and e-cigarettes would only be approved with a doctor’s prescription. Those in breach of the ban could face a fine of up to $222,000. E-cigarettes containing liquid nicotine, and nicotine vaporiser refills are already banned from sale within Australia. Source: ABC

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If you guys have any further questions about the HQD Disposable Vapes in Australia, please comment below.

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