Yocan HIT Dry Herb Vaporizer can maximize the flavor during each session

As you would expect, Yocan HIT Dry Herb Vaporizer is very compact and mighty. The HIT comes with an integrated stirrer, it’s the feature standout feature for herb vapers.

The HIT is another vape pen-like design vaporizer device from Yocan Tech. It’s very compact, and you can carry it on-the-go. This is very differ from the most of standard box mod. The Yocan HIT Dry Herb Vaporizer have a clear OLED screen. Most of the necessary information display on this screen, for example, the temperature, vape session and the battery status.

Main Feature:

  • Magnetic Mouthpiece
  • Temperature Range: 200℉ – 480℉
  • Battery Capacity: 1400mAh
  • OLED Screen: Timer / Setting Temp / Power / Current Temp
  • Heating Chamber: Ceramic with the Embedded Heating Element

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The Yocan HIT Built-in Stirrer

The most useful feature is the Yocan HIT built-in stirrer. Most of vapers this is the biggest innovation of this device. It comes with the inside of the mouthpiece, which have magnetic connection. You can easy load or re-load your herb material. And it’s very helpful for conduction vaping chamber.

Since the mouthpiece is magnetically connected, the Hit is easy to load. Also, the conduction heating means that the chamber is easy to clean.

How to Use Yocan HIT?

  1. Remove the mouthpiece, load the chamber with herb, and then replace the mouthpiece.
  2. Rapidly press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  3. Use the up and down buttons to select the temperature.
  4. Once the device has finished heating, it’s vibration reminder
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance
  6. Cleaning it is very easy. You just need to empty out the chamber after a session and then use the cleaning brush to get rid of any residue that is left over.

Performance and Vapor Quality

The build quality of the hit is solid as it’s made from aluminum and it has a nice heft to it. The mouthpiece is magnetically connected to the battery which means that it is easy to remove and that you can stir the herb in the chamber while the mouthpiece is still attached. The controls are simple but the decision to put the power button underneath the LED screen and the temp selection buttons on the side of the device is an odd one. It would make more sense if they were closer together, but ultimately, it’s not too inconvenient.

Yocan Hit Performance and Vapor Quality
The vapor quality of the Hit is pretty good, plus the device allows you to choose between three and five minute sessions for different vaping experiences.

Vapor Quality
The vapor produced by the Hit is quite tasty and much better than you would expect for a vape that costs under $100. You can probably guess that the conduction heating and the integrated stir tool have a lot to do with that. With the ability to stir the herb while you’re vaping, you can maximize the flavor during each session by making sure that every single piece of herb gets fully vaped.

You can choose the length of that session too since the Hit allows you to choose between three or five-minute sessions. They each provide a slightly different experience with the three-minute session being a little more intense and the five-minute session being a little more chill and relaxed. It’s a nice option to have since you can calibrate a session to your liking.

Battery Performance
The Hit has a 1400 mAh battery that can last for about a few hours of moderate vaping. This is the one area where you the inexpensive nature of the device is noticeable since more expensive weed vapes tend to have larger batteries. At least it uses a USB-C charger so recharge times are pretty quick.

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