puff bar and hyppe bar

Puff bar is leading the disposable vape pen section. But the competitions are heating up, launch more and more high performance disposable vapes. The Hyppe bar is one of them, the newest disposable vape brand face in this field.

If you are a new vaper, the hyppe bar device shape looks familiar to the Puff bar. Even the Hyppe bar logo also similiar with the Puff bar’s.

The Hyppe bar flavor also has many options, available in the fruit and fruit ice flavors that adult vapers prefer.

Best Disposable Vapes

And the best part of disposables is the fact they are disposables. So it is easy to mix and match brands and flavors to find out which you like best.

Puff Bar Disposable

There are a lot of great disposables on the market. The Posh Plus and Sea Air are unique designs with huge juice capacities, compared here in the Sea Air versus Posh Plus versus Posh showdown. There is the Zaero Disposable Vape, which comes in four nic strengths. Ranging from nic free to five percent, the Zaero delivers the flexibility of a refillable device and the convenience of disposable. The Myle Slim provides pod like technology, Stig Disposables was a trailblazer when they brought VGod Lush Ice into the game and redefined the disposables segment. Here is a look at the Best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes.

There are a whole host of disposable mini vapes. Less than 3 inches, they rely on a totally different architecture than a stick disposable like Puff Bar or Hyppe Bar. We take a look at the top designs in the segment in our comparison: The Best Disposable Mini Vapes.

But few disposables have earned the loyalty that Puff Bar has. And they have done so with flavors. They have a massive selection and generally hit their mark. Whether it is cucumber or Blueberry Ice, adult vapers have really embraced Puff Bar.

Hyppe Bar Disposable

On paper, the Hyppe Bar and Puff Bar are virtually identical. Both are stick style disposables less than 4 inches in length. Both contain 1.3ml of ejuice and are powered by a 280mAh batter. Puff Bar is available in a lower nicotine option, check out our feature on the best lower nicotine disposable vapes, but at the high end both have a nic strength of 5 percent.

Underneath the hood, stick style disposables invariably rely on a soaked cotton polyfill in the ejuice reservoir and a series of stoppers to prevent splash back. The draw is relatively tight and this design is excellent for extract pure flavors from the nic salt Eliquid.

The lack of vapor production from a stick style disposable is not an issue for most users and is in fact an asset. The nic salt formulas used allow the Hyppe Bar and Puff Bar to provide a satisfying and flavorful vaping experience. No filling is required. No charging. Not even a fire button. Just open the box and vape. This is the type of easy experience that adult vapers have increasingly gravitated towards and make disposable vapes a great Juul alternative.

Hyppe Bar Flavors
To compete with Puff Bar, let alone be considered a Puff Bar alternative, Hyppe Bar needs to have spot on flavors and a strong selection. They have checked both boxes with a laundry list of disposable vape classics. Lets take a look at the four top disposable nic salt vape flavors and how well Hyppe Bar executed.

Lush Ice Hyppe Bar
Lush Ice Hyppe Bar has thrown itself into the most competitive fray in vaping: lush ice disposables. Going head to head with respected competitors and contenders, Hyppe Bar did a great job with this flavor. It does not have the raspberry notes of the VGod juice with Stig and the menthol is not overwhelming, but it is not a watermelon vape. This is a lush ice and delivers exactly what lush ice fans are looking for. If you are a fan of Lush Ice Puff Bar, chances are you also enjoy the Lush Ice Hyppe Bar.

The icy menthol is layered atop authentic watermelon. A spirited and bright flavor, lush ice is easy to enjoy all day and owes much of its popularity to this fact. Lush Ice Hyppe Bar deserves serious consideration as one of the best Lush Ice Disposable Vapes.

Icy Mint Hyppe Bar
Juul Mint was the best-selling vape in the world when Juul pulled it from the market. This created major demand among adult vapers looking for the best Juul Mint alternative. Puff Bar Cool Mint was long one of the top contenders and now the Icy Mint Hyppe Bar has entered the fray.

Adult vapers love the bright and sweet flavors of fruit Eliquids but ice cold mint may be the most popular flavor of all. As refreshing and cooling as you would expect, the Icy Mint Hyppe Bar has a bit less spearmint hard candy flavor than the Puff Bar rival but there is enough overlap where a fan of one will surely enjoy the other.

Cool Melon Hyppe Bar
Where Melon Ice Puff Bar is a limited time flavor, Hyppe Bar Cool Melon is one of their signature flavors. Cool, ripe and refreshing, it is interesting that Honeydew melon makes such blah addition to a fruit cup but is an absolute powerhouse when channeled in nic salts. The mixed melon medley is not overly sweet. It tastes more authentic and closer to an actual mix of cantaloupe and honeydew than a nic salt disposable has any business to. The iced hit is strong at the end, a crucial cooling element in this all-day vape.

Blueberry Ice Hyppe Bar
For fans of nic salts, blueberry ice is an instant classic and Blueberry Ice Puff Bar has long been one of the industry leaders. Hyppe Bar has done a great job of taking the fight to this popular Puff Bar flavor with a very similar balance of realistic blueberry and cool menthol. The name says it all and Blueberry Ice Hyppe Bar delivers as advertised. Adult vapers love fruit and ice vapes.

The tart and sweet notes of summer fresh blueberry, which are fantastically counterbalanced with a cold menthol finish, are ideal for anyone looking for this type of flavor profile. You may not believe the hype, but all of the Hyppe Bar flavors are worthy of serious consideration for any adult vaper who enjoys disposables or nic salts.

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