puff bar vs wave bar: Which one disposable vape is the best for you?

What’s Puff Bar?

Puff Bar is the most puplular disposable vape in the vape market. Read this article for learn more about Puff Bar device flashing troubleshooing.

What’s Wave Bar?

Wave Bar pre-filled disposable device is compact, light, and portable. All the Wave Bar devices require no maintenance, charging, or refilling. After your Wave Bar runs out of juice and/or battery, simply buy a replacement. Each Wave Bar disposable device comes with a pre-filled 5% (50mg) of E-juice that is enough to stay satisfied for the whole day.

Wave Bar Specifications and Features:

  1. Up to 400+ puffs, approximately equivalent to 20 cigarettes.
  2. No Airflow: Fixed
  3. E-liquid Capacity: 1.3ml
  4. Battery Capacity: 280mAh
  5. Draw Activated Firing

Salt Nic E-liquid: 1 disposable contains (5%)50MG Salt Nic inside for an accurate cigarette-style throat hit Pre-filled, no need for messy refills.

What Flavors comes with Wave Bar?

  1. Gummy Ring
  2. Lemon Cake
  3. Tobacco
  4. Lychee

The Wave Bar Disposable Device is a compact and portable all-in-one system that requires no maintenance or refilling. Each Wave Bar holds 1.3mL of salt nicotine eliquid and has a 280mAh non-rechargeable battery.

Portable and Compact Design
Disposable All-In-One System
No Maintenance or Refilling
Liquid: 1.3mL
Battery: 280mAh
Nicotine: 50mg (5%)
300+ Puffs Per Device
Flavor Options:
Blue Raz
Peach Ice

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