A Heavy Hit Vaping Device with Pure Flavor

This awesome device manufactured by Yocan, the Regen wax vape pen is designed for cannabis concentrates material. It’s absorb the magnetic mouthpiece feature. This is the most popular feature of Magneto dab vape pen. This device combines two parts, an battery and an atomizer. The two-piece design is very common for the concentrate vape pen on the market.

Regen Battery

The Regen battery part comes with a built-in hidden silicone storage jar. You can easy carry your concentrate material, meet all you travel vaping needs. The battery is rechargeable 1100mAh. And the fully charged time just need to 40 mins.

Yocan Regen is A Heavy Hit Vaping Device with Pure Flavor

Regen Atomizer

And the atomizer include a QTC coil, it’s a new heating technology that utilizes three quartz coil to enhance device performance.

Also, the atomizer compatible with a variety or Yocan replaceable atomizers. Most of important is the the package comes with both QDC coil and QTC coil.

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Main Features:

  • compact and portable design
  • 3 presetting voltage levels
  • Hanging ring
  • Sparkly finish
  • Easy to use and clean

Learn more Yocan Regen information on YocanTech.com

The dimension of Regen is 110 mm tall and 19 mm in width. It can be fit your palm very easy, due to compact design.

The biggest surprise is that adjustable voltage setting. Three presetting voltage levels (3.0 / 3.5 / 4.2 volts) almost meet all vapers’ needs. Provides the further customizing vape experience.

The additional feature is the hanging ring. A ring comes with the package box, you can hang it very easy with a lanyard. By the way, the lanyard don’t come with the package.

As for the product finish, Yocan has also made a few updates. It’s don’t like other low price item use the old rubberized coating tech. The Regen vape pen utilizes a futuristic sparkly finish, and come with 6 stylish colors. You will be reminiscent of a brand new apple phone once you get it.

That’s the reason why so many vape shop owners have high hopes considering this device.

It’s design very easy to use, even for newbies, can easy start their first vaping very easy, just 5 clicks to turn it on/off. Aim to get the full performance, please also follow below steps.

Make sure the device is fully charged. By the way, the fully charged time is 40 mins, less than most of vape charge time. The three LED lights near the fire button should be shuts off when it fully charge.

How to Turn the Regen Dive On?

Clicking the power button five time in a row, you can easy turn it on or off. If you want to change the voltage level, please click the fire button three times in a row to adjust the desire voltage setting. By the way, you can easy to cycle between the three presetting voltage levels (3.0 / 3.5 / 4.2 volts), just need to click the fire button 3 times again.

If you are a concentrate newbie, the lowest or the middle voltage setting is recommended. Or you want to stronger hit, bigger cloud, please choose the highest setting.

How to Load Concentrate in Regen Atomizer?

To remove the top cap, just pull it off. It’s held on by strong magnets, which was one of my favorite features of the Magneto. Make sure the coil is fully installed, and unscrew the coil cap. Using your dab tool, grab a tiny dab of wax, preferably less than 0.1 gram. You can always re-pack it, but overpacking can lead to complications and may shorten your device and coil longevity. The coil cap prevents the oil from splashing and splattering, which keeps the top cap clean. It still works fine without the coil cap, but it will be a lot harder to clean in the long run.

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